Pysql-Navigator is a little tool that allows you to browse and edit your mysql database tables via grid windows. So you don't need to write any mysql statements (although you can of course) to view or change your data.

For this the user interface is inspired by FlameRobin, a similar tool to explore Firebird databases.

The current release 0.3 offers the following functions:

  • Add/edit/delete datasets from tables
  • Add and delete mysql host connections
  • Use own queries via the query win
  • Show table columns info
  • Show datasets from table
  • Import and export databases and data
  • Save table contents to csv files

This site is still under construction but you can allready find some screenshots and a download page.

After releasing the final 0.3 version I hope to enhance this site step by step, so please check it back later or check the newsfeed for new infos.

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