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First you need to install Python 2.7 and wxPython 2.8.

If you use a Linux distribution these packages should be available by the package manager. Otherwise there are binary distributions downloadable at the websites.


On Linux you can simply run to install pysql-navigator on your pc. The script copies just the pysql-navigator directory to /usr/share and adds a link to /usr/bin.

If you only want to test pysql-navigator you can simply run pysql-navigator.pyw without any installation.

If you are using Ubuntu you can use the ubuntu package instead. This package contains all necessary dependencies. It is tested with Ubuntu 10.04.
An other way is to add ppa:f-launchpad-luzip-de/ppa to your repositories to install pysql-navigator via package management.

If you are using SuSe you can use the suse rpm package. This is just the deb converted by alien, so you also have to install the python-wxGTK manually. It is tested with OpenSuse 11.3.


Since version 0.3beta4 you can easily unzip the archive file and start pysql-navigator by clicking on pysql-navigator.pyw. Please make sure to have installed Python2.7 and wxPython2.8 properly.
If it works you can put the pysql-navigator directory into your programs folder and add a link to the start menu.

Mac OS X

If you use Max OS X on a 64bit processor it may be interesting to read to run wxPython.

Because I don't own a mac I did no further installation yet.

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